Character Portraits

Portrait Sketch (half torso)

olaf oakenshaft by symatt

A character portrait that is predominantly focused on the facial features of the character, with some inclusion of upper torso. Good for showing the look and feel of your character. Weapons, staff, etc, can be included.

Character Sketch (full figure)


If you want to show how your character looks top to bottom, this is the option for you. You can include full clothing style, weapons and other characteristics of your character.

Colour Portrait Sketch (half torso)

sir steampunk

Like the sketched portrait, this option allows you to capture the look and feel of your character but adds colour to the portrait as well. This can really make the drawing stand out and gives a much better feel for the character.

Colour Character Sketch (full figure)

Robot Jailer

For those of you who want the complete package, this option allows you to showcase your entire character in all its glory. Included are weapons, clothing, etc.

Vector Graphics

Dwarven Cleric by Symatt

While the drawings are provided in high resolutions, sometimes you want to make sure that you can resize and reuse the image in a variety of different ways and on different mediums. We can turn your image into a vector graphic for an added fee if you wish.